Learning to fly a helicopter can be the most rewarding experience in the world. The Instructors at Independent Helicopters not only teach you the basics of flight, but also teach you the nuances that only an experienced pilot can convey. Basic flight skills to emergency maneuvers are covered in depth and focused on in ground training, simulator, and in the helicopter itself.  We are a Part 61 and Part 141 Flight school within close proximity to NYC, also now able to receive GI Bill® benefits.

As part of our training program, students learn some basic flight skills and emergency maneuvers in our Frasca Flight Simulator. Simulator time is great practice, and can help hone skills on the ground before taking to the air. To learn more about the simulator, visit the Frasca Flight Simulator page.

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For flight school information and pricing, please e-mail us, or call one of our locations. We would be happy to discuss your future as a pilot.

Start here if you are looking to have a little fun or to be a career helicopter pilot. This license is what you’ll need to fly for fun but you won’t be able to work as a pilot until you have your Commercial Pilot’s license. There is no previous experience required. To learn more, please visit the Private Pilot license page.

A Commercial Pilot’s license allows a pilot to carry cargo or passengers for compensation or for hire. The FAA standards of required knowledge and flight experience are much higher for a Commercial Pilot’s license. To learn more, please visit the Commercial Pilot license Page.

We always strongly suggest obtaining the Instrument rating, although not required, it will definitely help you in many ways. Instrument flight training teaches students the skills necessary to fly a helicopter under conditions of restricted visibility, utilizing only instruments and communication with air traffic control for navigation. Instrument Rating Page.

Almost every professional helicopter pilot working today has spent time as a flight instructor (CFI). The hallmark of success in any career is experience, and training other helicopter pilots is the best way to assure your hours are spent solidifying practices that will make you a better pilot.  CFI License Page.
The Certified Instrument Flight Instructor rating allows you to do instrument training with students for their instrument rating. It is the next logical step in building your credentials as a helicopter flight instructor. Holding a CFII certificate gives you more opportunity to gain experience while teaching, preparing you for future career positions. For more detailed information, please visit the CFII page.
The Helicopter ATP rating is the highest rating one can possess within the helicopter industry. Aircraft over 12,500 lbs. will require an additional type rating certificate. ATP Certificate Page.

Our students are welcome to purchase the books necessary to complete their training, however for those that prefer to use a PDF on digital devices, we have provided a list of resources and reading materials.

FAA Helicopter flying handbook.
Robinson R-22 Pilots operating handbook.
Robinson R-44 Pilots operating handbook.

FAA Scholarship & Grant List.
Other Scholarships.


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