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Aerial Photography

Independent Helicopters offers aerial photography services in the Tri-State Area.

Real Estate, Schools, resorts, restaurants, museums, Construction Sites, Marketing / branding materials, Private and commercial marine photography, Aerial surveillance for drainage, assessment, planning events and other services

areal photography

Utilizing a helicopter is the best way to get the perfect picture.  The helicopter allows for close angles, perfect positioning and for more dynamic views.  Helicopters are also capable of flying at lower altitudes, making absolutely sure a photographer can get exactly the shot they need, from the exact point of view desired. Our pilots are well trained and have years of aerial photography experience with an emphasis in the NY city area.  For all of these services and more, we provide custom options all over the tri-state area to meet your expectations. 

Call for details and pricing (845) 549-3755

**Weight Restrictions apply**


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