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RECAP: BE Independent Aviation Summer Camp!

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Day One ☝️ They learned about aerodynamics, flew in a helicopter simulator, and I think one of the favorites was RC helicopters!

Day 2 of BE INDEPENDENT Aviation Camp, Greg taught the kids how to ‘talk like a pilot’! 👨🏻‍✈️ We then moved over to Signature Flight Support at Stewart Airport where Tom and his amazing team showed the kids how the flight line works!..Our friends John and Sean greeted them with their airplanes and showed them how they operate. They were even were taken for a flight! How awesome was this day!??

Day 3 of BE INDEPENDENT Aviation Summer Camp was our last and final day! Ms. Alex taught the kids aviation weather, decision making, and how to decode weather reports! ⛈✈️ We then made our way to 2nd Aviation Detachment – “Wings of West Point” where Commander Roland and his team showed the kids their hangar, aircraft and operations. They even got to experience night vision googles!

That’s a wrap ✈️☁️ Thank you to all the kids, parents, pilots, and organizations that made our first ever summer camp a success! We couldn’t have done it without you all! Until next year…

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