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Marius Ivascu Aviation Scholarship Applications

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It’s that time of year again, and the Marius Ivascu Aviation Scholarship applications are out now. If you are between the ages of 17-33 and have a passion for aviation flight or maintenance, we highly encourage you to pursue this special opportunity. The deadline for applications is June 1.

As we have mentioned on our webpage with more info about the fund,

Marius taught hundreds and hundreds of people how to face their fears, how to embrace the moment and spread their wings. He was a teacher to all, not only in skydiving, but in so many areas of life, touching lives and hearts across the globe.

Currently there are two $1,000 scholarships that will be awarded to the best suited male and female candidates.

For more information, application links, and donation opportunities please go to the Marius Ivascu Aviation Foundation page.


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