Why drive when you can fly above the traffic?

One of the fastest ways to travel from one point to another is by helicopter. There are no traffic jams, no waiting in line and no crazy taxi drivers to deal with.

The following is a list of common destinations, however, the scope of your travel area is not limited.

Contact us for an estimate if your trip is not listed.

From Stewart Airport (SWF):

LaGuardia  $950
Newark  $1275
JFK   $1275

Heliports in NYC  $1275
Albany   $1550
Westchester  $750
Marthas Vineyard  $3000
East Hampton  $1500
Atlantic City  $2250
Boston  $2550

From Saratoga County (5B2):

LaGuardia  $2400
Newark  $2700
JFK   $2700
Albany   $600
Westchester  $1950
Marthas Vineyard  $3000
East Hampton  $2550
Atlantic City  $3750
Boston  $2250


Robinson R44II

  • Carries up to three passengers, however, baggage is limited to 3 small backpacks.
  • With two passengers or less, baggage is limited to 2 small carry-ons and 2 small backpacks.

*  Complimentary shuttle service is available to your terminal at JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark but you must still go through TSA screening.

**  Pricing is valid Monday through Friday 7am-7pm and Saturday through Sunday 11am-7pm. After hours and holidays is an additional heliport fee (up to $250). Some Heliports have limited hours, check for additional pricing.