4 Benefits of Training with a Helicopter Flight Simulator

Flight instructor preparing the helicopter flight simulator for student pilots

There’s nothing quite like the exhilaration of flying. But for students pursuing a pilot’s license, there are a few things to cross off the to-do list before preparing for take off! During flight training, some schools use a flight simulator to create an environment where students can learn both the basic and advanced skills they’ll need to become better, more prepared pilots. Helicopter flight simulators are cost effective tools to help pilots build flight time, practice techniques, and most importantly, prepare for emergencies that would be impossible to train for in a real helicopter.

Train in a helicopter flight simulator to experience a wide range of scenarios in a safe environment.

Rain or shine, day or night, flight simulators provide learning opportunities for flight school students to hone their skills.

If you’re enrolled in a flight school that doesn’t utilize a simulator as part of their training, you’re limited by the weather conditions to build flight time and practice their skills, especially during winter when icing conditions may keep helicopters grounded more often. 

A flight simulator can be used any time of day, in any weather or season. The simulator can be programmed to mimic more difficult flying conditions such as wind or fog, allowing students to demonstrate their understanding of safety precautions and flight training without the risks associated with hazardous weather in a real helicopter. 

The use of a simulator during flight training provides students with a unique opportunity to improve their navigational abilities under both visual and instrument flight rules. Simulators can be programmed to practice specific routes ahead of a prepared flight, including the airport you’ll be departing from/arriving at as well as the appropriate terrain for the course. 

Simulators also allow for flight students to practice emergency procedures without any physical risks to the student and their instructor.

Level up your skills and get ahead on your pilot license requirements by training with a helicopter flight simulator.

Some flight simulators can be accessed through a desktop computer, allowing greater flexibility to learn new skills.

Personal flight simulators are available for at home computers. While time spent using personal simulators cannot be used toward a pilot license’s required flight time, the experience can be beneficial for students to test their knowledge outside of the classroom setting. Some programs are compatible with hands-on devices such as instrument panels and control wheels that offer an added layer of reality to the simulation.

The Frasca TruFlite H Helicopter FTD offers even more benefits and more realistic flight simulation.

At Independent Helicopters, we use the FAA-approved Frasca TruFlite H Helicopter FTD simulator for flight training. This model represents a light single piston engine powered helicopter with a panel configuration similar to that of a Robinson R44 or R22. The TruFlite technology available through the simulator allows for its performance to approximate that of the Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters, the models we use for flight training as well as private helicopter tours and charter flights.

While it’s not as convenient as a desktop simulator, the Frasca TruFlite simulator offers a much more realistic experience, which can help you level up your skills much faster.

Accomplish up to half of your instrument rating in the flight simulator at a fraction of the cost of flying the helicopter.

If you’re hoping to save on costs while working towards your pilot’s license, consider spending some time with the flight simulator. Up to half of your instrument rating required by the FAA for all licenses can be accomplished in the simulator—at a fraction of the cost of flying the heli!

flight school student training in the Frasca TruFlite H Helicopter FTD flight simulator
A helicopter flight simulator is a cost-effective, safe, and convenient tool pilots in training can use to level up their skills.

Build confidence from the ground up by training with a helicopter flight simulator.

Before operating a real helicopter for the first time, you can get a feel for the experience by spending time in a flight simulator.

Simulators are a cost-effective and time-saving solution to help flight students develop muscle memory and finely-tuned motor skills. One benefit of training with a flight simulator is building the confidence that comes with experience, which will help you make the most of your required flight time.

During a simulated flight, you can recognize a mistake, identify the proper maneuver, and try again. Simulators also allow students to practice radio communication techniques, which can be intimidating and fast-paced while you’re in the air. 

Flight simulators provide a space for students to master certain maneuvers that they may otherwise be struggling with. The simulator can be programmed to recreate specific conditions based on your specific learning needs, which may be difficult to recreate in the air. Simulators can be calibrated to project the exact topography features of a flight path and even the layouts of a particular airport runway.

Take advantage of continued opportunities for learning with the Frasca TruFlite H Helicopter FTD.

Helicopter flight simulators are an affordable way to keep your skills sharp during flight training—and beyond.

Safety is the number one priority for pilots. No matter where you are in the training process, simulators allow aspiring and experienced pilots to practice both basic and rarely-used skills to refine their techniques based on specific goals or flight scenarios. 

Habits and muscle memory practiced during flight simulator training translate to lifesaving, instinctive response to emergency situations. These emergency procedures can only be practiced in realistic conditions in the simulator.

flight instructor demonstrating how to use the Frasca TruFlite H Helicopter FTD flight simulator
Want to keep your skills sharp when weather conditions have you grounded? Training in a helicopter flight simulator offers several benefits for experienced pilots as well as students.

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