Promised Ride ~ Jennifer Seymour

We met you a year ago at the air show at the Dutchess County airport, and you were the coolest person my cousin and I had met— you were a girl and so badass for being such a great pilot.

This flight for us had more meaning than anyone could know- my son had gotten airlifted at 1 1/2 months old to save his life, and I had PROMISED him that one day we would have a “fun” helicopter ride.

Enter June 2015, we have the opportunity to take a helicopter ride and we jumped on it, to fulfill that promise. Myself, my son, and my cousin get in the helicopter with you and the rest is history. We had the most amazing time of our lives for so many reasons! Myself and my cousin admired you cause you are a badass who’s doing AMAZING things, and most importantly, my 3 year old TO THIS DAY remembers the “cool lady pilot who gave us a fun ride and showed us the river and train tracks”… That ride meant more than you’ll ever know to us… And now that we’re even another year out from all that makes it that much better… We can’t wait. And the best part is, my son knows there’s an awesome lady pilot who is going to give us an amazing ride. Looking forward to this more than you could imagine ❤️❤️❤️