Andy White

When I was a young boy my grandfather took me for my first helicopter ride at a fireman’s picnic. From that ride on, I was hooked! Every chance I got I would go for a ride. When my daughter was 5 or 6 years old I took her for a ride and told her that someday I wanted to actually fly one for myself.
Years went by and my dream finally came true. For my 50th birthday my daughter bought me the Discovery Flight lesson from Independent Helicopters where I could control the helicopter myself (with the patient instructor by my side of course). My daughter also bought me a few books on basic helicopter instruction (although not required) so I could be well prepared. I read the Helicopter Flying Handbook at least twice and then called to schedule my flight!
Heather and the other pilots were very accommodating to my schedule, highly professional, friendly and eager to get me started. I have since received more flight hours for Christmas and birthday presents, and can’t wait to take to the skies again!
Thanks to my Daughter and Independent Helicopters my life’s dream has become a reality.