Abigail & Ella’s Ride

We wanted to thank you for the incredible experience you gave our daughters this week. Our girls, 6 and 10, have not stopped talking about what it was like flying a helicopter — taking off, landing, flying above the castle on the Hudson – and it was amazing to us that girls that age can actually do something so exciting.  The added bonus from our perspective was having them experience it with you – we love the fact that they saw a woman helicopter pilot in action.  They were truly inspired. They have each written something about their experience, below. Keep up the amazing work – we plan on coming back on our next NY visit.


“Being in a helicopter was an amazing experience. I even got to fly it and I’m only 6. It was just really, really fun and thank you so much. I really hope to see you soon.” (Abigail, 6)
“Thank you very much. I had so much fun in the helicopter – flying it, just being the air, seeing the castle. Just the experience and everything about it.  I really enjoyed it and hope to do it again.” (Ella, 10)