Jared Funari and Cody Wasail

My experience with Independent helicopters strays from their ‘normal’ day to day functions including aerial inspections of pipelines, overhead shots of properties, training future pilots, and of course tours of the Capitol District and Saratoga. In fact, you could say all I really required from them was a ride, and by default, a grand entrance for a very important day of my life; proposing to the love of my life Cody. I can’t quite recall how or why a ‘helicopter’ became a major roll in my very elaborate engagement plan, but once it did Heather, owner of Independent helicopters, was 100% on board to be a part of my big day. She immediately set us up with Matt Taggard who would be our pilot and his genuine enthusiasm for what we were doing was incredible, especially considering this did not fall under the “usual daily operations.” Due to the secretive conditions of facilitating an elaborate plan involving sending my now fiancé to various locations and businesses in the Capitol District dressed in signs, banners, clues to send her to the next, and many people playing rolls in making it all happen, I personally didn’t actually meet the man who would be flying me to and from until the day of. From the moment I shook Matt’s hand he put me at ease. This was pretty important considering that I was not only fighting the nerves of proposing, but I had also never been on a helicopter before. We utilized the time up at Saratoga County airport taking photos and videos, and all the while Matt kept me grounded as my anxiety was apparent. Once we loaded up to take off, I was calm as could be. I may have never been on a helicopter before, but I certainly know what a smooth ride is. We had a crystal clear, picture perfect beautiful day and if there were stop lights in the sky, we would have had green lights all the way down to our landing spot. As anyone could imagine, Cody was not expecting me to arrive at the final location she was sent to in a helicopter. She also probably did not expect that not only would she be able to say she got engaged that day, but also that she too logged her first helicopter ride. After pictures, hugs, kisses, and champaign, we took the beautiful ride back up to Saratoga County Airport where we hung out with Matt for a bit chatting, and took some more pictures before he had to fly out to his next location and we saw him off with a wave as he flew away. My experience with Independent helicopters is unforgettable. They are a major part of the story of the day I proposed to my wife. I could not have asked for a better experience and I look forward to flying with them again, whether that be a tour, or perhaps a grand entrance for our wedding day.