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Founded in 2008, Independent Helicopters offers Charter, Tours, Flight Instruction, Aerial photography, and Utility inspections. Our pilots have logged thousands of hours serving clients throughout the Northeast with offices in Saratoga Springs and New Windsor, NY.

What our clients have to say

To all at Independent Helicopters, especially Ms. Howley. My son and I visited The Simsbury Fly In show this past weekend. It was our first ride on a helicopter,. We strapped ourselves in, put our headphones on, I looked up and exclaimed, “Oh, AND we have a female pilot!” I was so impressed I had to find your website once we returned home. Amazing!! I grew up wanting to learn to fly, commercial airlines specifically, but life lead me down another path. Now, Sam has the fly bug. I’m reaching out to all of you to say thank you for such an extraordinary experience, for making a huge impression on my son. I realize you meet many people all day long at these shows. Thank you for your time and for what you all do.

Joy Covey

Just wanted you to know what an awesome time my daughter had during that helicopter flight! She was overwhelmed with excitement and eager to return to school to share this experience with her friends. Matt was so sensitive and courteous to her which totally wiped out any nervousness she might have had. I am truly thinking about her doing this again.



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