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Utility Services

Helicopter flight is the fastest way to inspect miles of power and pipelines, especially in remote areas.

Utility services can connect between substations through very difficult terrain, sometimes impossible to navigate with an automobile in an efficient manner. Using a helicopter to inspect power and pipelines from the air saves countless man hours necessary for ground inspections, helps to identify trouble zones and dangerous trees before lines are damaged, and gives engineers a point of view that is otherwise unachievable.

Utilizing a helicopter to inspect power and pipe lines allows energy providers to dispatch targeted repair solutions not only saving capital, but also minimizing energy downtime. Many helicopter companies have chosen to do inspection with costly turbine powered aircraft, however the advantages of using a turbine aircraft for inspection and planning are almost non-existant as compared to using a piston powered aircraft. Independent Helicopters conducts inspections with Robinson R-22 and R-44 helicopters that have an operational cost much less than turbine powered aircraft. Lower operating costs mean savings for utility providers, and more intricate inspections.

Not only can a helicopter provide opportunities to inspect and identify utility issues, but they can also save countless amounts of capital for planning. In the air an engineer can travel to locations and across distances in a fraction of the time a ground team would take to accomplish the same task, with less danger than traveling by ATV in heavily wooded terrain. A single engineer with GPS equipment can survey miles of territory in a matter of hours, as opposed to the days or weeks it would take from the ground.

Contact our team for a consultation and planning session. To learn more about forestry inspection and operations, please visit the forestry inspection page.

The Northeastern United States is home to millions of acres of forest and sometimes the target area is miles from the nearest road. The terrain is unforgiving, and sometimes only accessible by foot. Forestry engineers can identify tree species from the air, and cover hundreds of acres in a single day to aid in sustainable ecosystem planning and mapping.

Professional photographers and filmmakers are available for site documentation at your request.

We provide aerial patrol for the local gas and electric companies.

We are able to dispatch our pilots quickly to get services back up and running faster.

When it comes to transmission powerlines, reliability is crucial. With growing Federal regulations and reliability standards, aerial powerline patrols are becoming more popular among utilities. Whether it's inspecting the condition of the grid or finding those "danger trees" that can cost companies millions of dollars, we can fit your needs and budget. More and more companies are realizing the benefits of preventative maintenance and aerial inspections.

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Aerial inspection allows you to spot problems in remote locations and dispatch repair crews to restore service quickly and efficiently.


Easily inspect lines that cover vast distances from the air.


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