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Heli Transportation Services

Helicopter Ferrying

To move a helicopter, the least expensive transportation method is still simply flying the helicopter from it’s point of purchase to it’s destination. This is known throughout aviation as a ferry flight. There are plenty of ferry pilots and transportation services available to ship helicopters. Some are less expensive than others, but that always comes with that a marginal question… Who are you trusting with your aircraft? Is the pilot you are hiring a cowboy that just hops in and flies whatever you put in front of him? Or is he part of an organization with an outstanding safety record acting as a liaison between you and the seller of the aircraft? Ultimately, this is one service where you absolutely “get what you pay for”.

We do not negotiate, purchase, or haggle on behalf of a buyer. Our transportation team does assure that the helicopter is 100% operational, and will arrange any service necessary to make the flight and the helicopter safe for the buyer. At this time we are not conducting pre-purchase inspections, however if you would like to contact us, we would be happy to refer you to the proper party.

When purchasing an aircraft you should be able to rest easy knowing your delivery pilot goes above and beyond standard protocols for safety. Each of our pilots take great care in assuring their own safety and the safety of the aircraft.

A pilot in command is responsible for every aspect of the aircraft and the life of its passengers. At Independent Helicopters, we treat all aircraft as if it were our own. This outlook combined with a humble attitude is what keeps us flying every day. With one of our pilots transporting your aircraft, you are not simply hiring a pilot, your investment is in the future of your aircraft, and the people it transports.


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