Commercial Pilot – Helicopter FAA Certificate Requirements

• Minimum 18 Years old to take commercial pilot flight test.
• Hold a private pilot helicopter certificate (or meet the commercial “add-on” requirements).
• Must read, write, understand, and speak english.
• Minimum of 150 hours of flight time.
• Hold a current FAA medical certificate.
• Pass an FAA written commercial knowledge test (Prior to taking FAA practical flight test).
• Minimum of 100 hours of pilot in command (PIC) flight time including at least 35 hours PIC in a helicopter.
• Pass an FAA oral and practical flight test.

Note: No prior airplane or aircraft experience is required to earn a helicopter license.

Required commercial pilot flight training experience reference: FAR 61.129 ©

In your 150 hours (or more) of flight training in the helicopter for your commercial pilot certificate, you are required by FAA regulations to obtain a minimum of training and experience in specific flight areas.

150 Hours (Minimum) Total Pilot Time in Helicopters Must Include:

• 5 hours of instrument training in an aircraft or simulator.
• 100 hours of pilot-in-command flight time (35 hours or more of which must be in a helicopter).
• 20 hours of dual instruction in the required areas of operation.
• 10 hours of cross-country helicopter experience.
• 3 hours of night dual instruction.
• 1 DAY VFR 2-hour (minimum) dual instruction flight with one (1) 50 nautical-mile leg.
• 1 NIGHT VFR 2-hour (minimum) dual instruction flight with one (1) 50 nautical-mile leg.
• 5 hours of Night solo flight experience with a minimum of 10 take-offs and landings.
• One (1) cross-country solo flight with three landings and one (1) 50 nautical-mile minimum leg.
• 3 hours of dual instruction in the previous 2 calendar months in preparation for the flight test.