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Farm Rescue

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As we’ve mentioned here before, one of the best parts about this job is the surprise factor. You just never know what’s going to come up and when, which really ensures that there’s never a dull moment. We were reminded of this last week when were called on to help our friend Anthony Fino regulate the air flow over his crops. Because of the drastic weather patterns over the past few weeks, crop regulation has been difficult to maintain. The crops prematurely bloomed a few weeks ago, and because of this it was necessary to give them the treatment they needed when temperatures dropped again in the past few days so that they wouldn’t die and off-track the entire season.

This is where we come in. When wind machines on the ground just weren’t enough to circulate the air appropriately, Independent Helicopters was called upon for a night fly to get a different air-flow and get some warm air pushed down to the trees. As the Record Online aptly reported, “the two-person crew flies back and forth across the target area at roughly 100 feet above trees 12- to 15-feet tall until the downward push of warm air causes temperatures on the ground to rise.”

We were happy to help out, and we love testing the versatility of our services!



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