Epic Helicopter Marriage Proposal [Gallery & Video]

Every once in a while, someone will come to us looking for help. They always want to pop the question, but they want to make it the most memorable event possible. What better way to create a lasting memory than to use a helicopter for your proposal. Jared Funari came to us not only looking to make a lasting memory, but also make a splash. Jared’s approach is very unique, and involved intensive planning. The planning did not end the complexity however, timing in this case was everything for successful completion. See the film at the end of this article.

Jared and Cody had a very simple relationship that grew from a friendship. There were no moments of eternal excitement like most relationships, no special location for a first date, and no phenomenal first kiss. Jared’s proposal plans started with a simple scavenger hunt across the capital district that sent Cody to various places that had meaning for them; places that developed after they were already a couple. Each stop was to have a clue for the next. When enlisting help to make a video of the event, a friend stated “Well if there are no epic moments that led to the proposal, there has to be an absolutely epic proposal. You have to fly in on a helicopter.” This statement stuck with Jared for a few days, until he decided that was exactly what he needed to do.

A park in Colonie, NY was to be the landing site where Jared would propose. Owned by the town, park officials were not willing to allow the event to take place, a situation that nearly ended things before they began. A friend helping set things up was not willing to give up that easily. “This has to happen, we can’t go back now. There has to be an alternate possibility.” There was.

The Constantine Farm sits directly next to the park, with only a stockade fence to separate the two. When the landing site was proposed, the team was told they would have to have a meeting to discuss the possibility. Before leaving the farm however, one of the owners exposed her romantic side… “We are absolutely doing this.”

It took a team of people to put it all together. Cody was to be chauffeured to her destinations while Jared was in the air. Routes were driven with a stopwatch running to build in delays if necessary, clue cards were prepped, balloons were purchased, and more help was enlisted to place the hand painted banners at their locations.

Both Jared and Cody Each had their own film crew to document the occasion, and the following video by Josh Rask is the result. Operations Director Matthew Taggard was Pilot In Command for the special event, flying out of our Saratoga Springs location. Contact us if you would like to put together your own stellar proposal!