4 Tips for Choosing the Best Helicopter Online Ground School Course

Training to become a helicopter pilot? Flight school is an investment, and your ground school course is no different. Opting for an online ground school course can save you money while still providing the same (or better!) high-quality training of an in-person course. While online courses offer unique advantages to their in-person counterparts, it might be challenging to decide which one is best for you. In this post, we’re sharing our top four tips when researching online ground school courses to help your career as a helicopter pilot take off.

Choose a Course That Includes Access to 24/7 Support

Helicopter online ground schools are designed to help prepare students for the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) oral and knowledge exams, a requirement for anyone seeking to become a certified pilot, whether your goal is to get your private pilot license or eventually become a commercial helicopter pilot. Just because you’re training online doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the personal knowledge of experienced pilots!

Whether you have questions about a lesson or an upcoming exam, online ground school courses that offer students access to support from working pilots can help you become a better pilot yourself. When researching helicopter ground schools, make sure your online course offers a platform or contact information to connect with an instructor who can help answer any questions you may have. An endorsement from a certified flight instructor is required to take the FAA exams, so the connections you make throughout your course will be invaluable!

All Independent Helicopters’ students receive access to support from Founder Heather Howley, the only female helicopter DPE in the Northeast region, and our team of highly qualified CFII flight instructors.

A Low Price Tag Doesn’t Mean It’s the Best Value

When researching online ground school courses, be sure to find out what is included with the cost of the course. Most programs offer students training videos or quizzes to test your knowledge ahead of the FAA exams. A major benefit to completing ground school training online, instead of in person, is that course materials can be accessed from a phone, tablet, or laptop — from anywhere in the world! Before registering, make sure there are no hidden limitations on how you can access the online program that may become a barrier to your studies.

Independent Helicopters’ start-to-finish flight school program includes your first discovery flight, online ground school and exams, flight training, and check rides to guide our students through every step towards receiving your helicopter private pilot license. Through our online ground school course, we’re able to offer a number of tailored services to support our students throughout their training and beyond through continuing education. Our course also includes access to supplemental resources, flashcards, and study aids.

Our students gain access to an interactive table of contents that allows them to move freely throughout each lesson of the course and study at their own pace. Pick up where you left off, or review sections as often as you need. Throughout the course, you’ll discover state-of-the-art graphics and images to show the various components of the helicopter and quizzes that feature multiple layouts—unlike other courses that only offer multiple choice questions to test your knowledge.

Opt for an FAA-Reviewed Ground School Course

While FAA approval isn’t required for ground school, some training programs have their curriculum reviewed by the FAA. Flight schools that operate under Part 141 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) must meet certain requirements and submit curriculum to be reviewed by the FAA.

Offering a more structured training curriculum and timetable, Part 141 flight schools are often the most cost effective for full-time students. These schools have lower hourly requirements for PPL and CPL, clocking at 35 hours and 115 hours respectively. The lower hourly requirements are a result of the rigorous approval process and regular audits by the FAA.

Independent Helicopters’ online ground school course materials have been reviewed by the FAA and fully prepare students to pass FAA’s exams and start their career as a helicopter pilot with a strong foundation. Our premier online training course can be accomplished in three stages, each of which guide students through the necessary aeronautical knowledge for the Private Pilot Rotorcraft Helicopter knowledge and oral exams.

See What Continued Learning Opportunities Are Available After the Course

Fees associated with online ground school courses may restrict access to the course once it’s been completed and you’re ready to take the FAA exams, or require additional charges to review the information should you need to retake the test. Others may offer continued education opportunities for those looking to refresh their knowledge even after receiving a pilot’s license. 

With monthly or yearly subscription options, our students can revisit the lessons even after passing the test, encouraging better understanding and retention of information as you start applying your knowledge with flight time.

This added benefit of online helicopter ground school provides limitless opportunities for continued education. Pilots can complete refresher courses or browse course materials to find answers to questions that may arise after their training has finished. Keep an eye out for courses that offer students a chance to dive back into the course materials through subscription services or other continued education platforms!

helicopter online ground school course
Prepare to take on the pilot’s seat with a helicopter online ground school course.

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